Pagids with std hoses?

Am I likely to have any issues with the rest of the braking infrastructure if I just swap the pads to Pagid RS14s (ie. don’t change the hoses)?I assume I’m also going to get better braking and not just end up with a spongy middle pedal after a few laps?!Ta, Ian [image][/image]

…oh, and will the Pagids (RS15s now, I understand from checking the Elise Parts site) rub out any quicker?

You may get better feel to start with, but as soon as the brakes and fluid warm up, the hoses will expand when you push on the brake pedal, rather than exerting force onto the actual brakes. Thus they will still feel spongy [image][/image]Or I could be talking out of my arse.IMO you really need to change the hoses, fluid as well.Cheers

quote:Originally posted by IDG:…oh, and will the Pagids (RS15s now, I understand from checking the Elise Parts site) rub out any quicker?Pagid have a good web site that describes their range of Pads.This is linked from another good brake site aimed at Scooby owners, but there are many usefull links From memory the wear characteristic of the RS15 Pad is similar to RS14 (pretty good).I found Sean at Challis Auto Spares very knowledgeable. He was talking directly with Pagid in Germany regarding the availability of RS15 for the rears. He had some opinions on the rear Exige brakes under performing, and reckons that the ballance would be upset even more if you were to go RS15 Front RS14 Rear, it would be worth talking to him 01376 550155Correction just spoke to Juilian,apparently the story was that they had supplied RS15’s to a customer who’s feeling was that the rear felt unballanced and twitchy, which would suggest to much rear braking (, Im not convinced myself and would go RS15 all round, certainly rs15 front rs14 rear should not be a problem.[This message has been edited by X111GED (edited 27 June 2002).]

I ran the pagids without changine the hoses for the last few races, and the performance is considerably better, but had the braided hoses fitted for the last race and the improvement in pedal feel was very noticeable, alot firmer. would reccomend doing both, but just the pad’s will improve the braking alot.

quote:Originally posted by JASONR:…but just the pad’s will improve the braking alot.Thanks. Sounds like I can do it in stages then.Cheers, Ian [image][/image]