Pagids, Mintex or EBC's Greens Decision Required

Cars scheduled for the 6K Service next Tuesday 9th.The EBC Greens put in at the 1K service look as if there getting a bit on the thin side; although they would probably manage at least one more track day. I�ve also noticed a hint of judder, which although was present after about 15dry laps at Donington in August it was more noticeable on the 24th, even though the braking was generally lighter it being wet.Kings Warwick don’t carry any stock, and only have experience with EBC’s and Mintex. So if I go with Pagid not sure if they would be able to trim them down. And I would probably have to source them.I think I might go with the Mintex pads for a comparison. Anyone else compared these to EBC greens before I make a decision.Other problem is following Tony’s advice I have tried to find a source for Castrol SRF fluid, Demon tweaks can’t get any until end of Oct, any ideas where I might find some?Cheers,Roy

Greens are great, except that I’ve found I can go through a new set in less than one track day. [image][/image] (and they faded/juddered after a few laps)So I put Redstuffs on the front. That configuration works excellent in the dry, but find the fronts grab too much in the wet.So next change I’ll be giving Mintex’s a go.

Mintex are cheap (price) and I love them compared to standard Lotus pads on my elise. I have gone through several sets of M1144’s. However, I believe that the Pagids are the best overall, but cost more. Regarding SRF, Pit Lane Garage have got it in stock. Alternatively, Halfords can order it for you but I don’t know how quick.

Definitely go for the Pagids if you can afford them, way, way better than the Greens. I tried them on my 135 Elise and noticed no difference, other than they didn’t do what they said they’d do, i.e. no brake dust - if anything they gave off more!! They also seemed to wear the disc unevenly as I was left with ridges. You’ll be stunned by the difference in braking distance and grip with the Pagid’s, although they Rattle and Squeal (nice alternative album title!) a lot. So good that I couldn’t go back to the standard pads now.

As far as I know, the Pagid RS14 are identic with the Lotus Motorsport stuff.I�m quite happy with the Pagids. Pagids are not the cheapest pads, but after 1500 miles - with a lot of quick laps on the Nordschleife and some track days - they seem to be very durable.Bremsentechnik, is the german manufacturer of the pagid stuff. Cheapest price for a full set (front + rear) in Germany is circa 550 DM = 176 pound inclusive VAT.If this is an interesting price for some of you, I can ask my motorsport dealer , if it is possible for him, to send the pagid stuff outside of Germany

I’ve got the Lotus Motorsport / Pagid pads in my Exige and I rate them. I’ve done 3,000 hard miles and 4 track days on them, and they’re almost like new (and it not because I’ve been gentle with them!). Unlike a lot of competition pads, they work when they’re cold, give good initial bite, and provide really strong stopping power if you lean on them. As Simon says, they do rattle a bit unless you fit the backing pads, and they do squeal a bit when cold if you use them gently, but I can live with that for the payback. I’ve done Cadwell with them, which is notoriously hard on the brakes and which is a circuit that I’ve raced at so I know quite well, and after a day of hammering them they really were as good at the end of the last lap as they were at the start of the first. No fade; no smell; no soggy pedal! [image][/image]Roy, they are official Lotus parts, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting them (see my posting on another thread for the part numbers), although they aren’t cheap (from memory c. �123 + VAT front, �111 + VAT rear).Sadly, I haven�t tried the EBCs or the Mintex (yet), so I can�t offer a comparison, but I can say that I don�t think you�ll be disappointed if you go with the Pagids. HTH.

Went from standard pads to Mintex - wish I had done it from day one. They are superb from cold, do not squeal, but do “clack”. They are better than the greenstuffs, but I have not tried the Pagids. This might be total tosh, but I cannot see how the Pagids being better than the Mintex (which are cheaper).

I have found the best brake pads are the blue Pagid’s. They have great cold & hot performance, But don’t make the horrible noise I get from the regular Pagid pad I am at present using. Performance Braking Ltd is company you need to ring 01600 713117.Fantastic Pads!..

quote:They have great cold & hot performance, But don’t make the horrible noise I get from the regular Pagid pad I am at present using.Were they the official Lotus Pagid pads? Mine don’t make any “horrible noise”. [image][/image]

Yes my present pads are the Lotus Motorsport Pagid ones. I think they are as good as the blue variety I have endorsed, but they squeal at very low speeds (5-10 mph) & clatter (like my wheels are about to fall off). I only use the car for track-days & the rare pose down the wine bar, but even with loads of copper grease I find this noise detracts from the cars appearance.

quote:they squeal at very low speeds (5-10 mph) & clatterThe “clatter” is due to the fact that you haven’t got the backing pads fitted. If the noise worries you, get your dealer to fit them (they cost next to nothing). However, as I’ve said before, they can squeal a little bit when used gently if they’re cold.

Tony - why would the mechanic leave out the backing pads - is there a good reason?

leaving the backing pads out means that the pistons are acting directly onto the back of the brake pad, ie, metal to metal contact. This is supposed to give better more direct “feel” on the brake pedal as than having the backing pad which is made of a compressable material and so “gives” a little every time you touch the brake pedal. Bear in mind that the backing pad is not that thick and not that compressable…just a very small amount. The backing pads fitted to the original brake pads are also cut at an angle so that only half of the piston is in contact with it…I’ve yet to have it confirmed but this would appear to put a small lead in on the brake pads to make them bite smoothly and not snatch.

Cheers Steve,Although I do have much improved “feel”, I had put that down to changing to the 1144’s-your explanation might diminish that theory. I suppose if I was trying to shave the last tenth off a lap time, it would matter, but the clacking does bug me a bit on the road so I might get them refitted.

Did you notice that I didn’t even move my lips! (Thanks Steve for saving me some typing! [image][/image]) FWIW, I haven’t got the backing pads fitted on my car; the Pagids don’t clatter enough that I can’t live with it. [image][/image]

BTW, if you want to check that a noise you think is the brake pads clattering actually is, simply wait until the noise occurs and then very gently left foot brake. By doing this, you won�t affect anything about the car other than bringing the pistons to bear on the pads. If the noise stops, it�s the pads; if it doesn�t, it�s not! HTH. [image][/image]