Pad wear!

Hello forum

How many miles are you lot getting out of a set of pads? I’ve done about 7K on the first set but have a trackday pending… I know I should take the wheels off and have a poke around.

What’s the minimum mm I can go to safely?


Are these standard pads? I did 12K on mine before changing them to RS14’s and they still have 4-5mm left.
Check them anyway but anything under 4mm i would consider replacing, then thinner they are the hotter they get.


My stock pads lasted 2000 miles, when the disks warped and the pads self estroyed.
New set of disks and Motorsports pads changed under warranty but lasted another 4000 miles, when the disks warped again.
Skimmed and used EBC greens which didn’t last anything, tried EBC reds until the disks warped again.
Found a good combo: Geary’s disks with Pagid RS14 front/ stock disks with EBC green rear.
But the Pagids RS14 I only use for the track, as they squeal like mad on the road and don’t last that much. Have done three track days and have about 5mm left.
For the road I use EBC reds, first couple of stops are not that good but then they’re as good as anything (on the track they’ll fade until they have gone through about 6-7 heat cycles).

Best? Pagids (no bedding in required, ie, you can be in the track, not waiting for them to cool). Not needed on the road.
Road use only? EBC green could do, unless you’re really hard on the brakes.

Mileage to expect? can vary, from around 25000 for a set of standards (yes, I read this on the Elise BBS) to about 2000 miles of hard use for Pagids (tha’s what mine will do approx)
Unless you geive Pagids to that guy that made 25000 miles on standards. He will never need another set in his life!