OZ Wheels

Will the S2 (K series) OZ Racing wheels fit an S2 Exige?

I should be making the change shortly (S2 111S to S2 Exige), and would have 2 sets to sell, unless they fit the new Exige then I’ll keep one set for wet tyres.

I think they do

(but then I don’t have either)


I’m afraid that hubs on the toyota engined cars are not compatible with the k series cars, so the OZ are not interchangeable (I went down this route myself when I changed cars last year).


But it’s still an S2, why are the hubs different?

They will physically fit, however the rear offset is different on the, so the alloys stick out about an inch further. I would strongly expect them to foul the bodywork at least, even ignoring other implications.

On the LCI website, Nick Adams confirmed the the wheels on K series & Toyota engined cars are not interchangeable. I dont know all the reasons, But I may do a search & post what I can find on here.


As I suspected then, bugger - going to have to but yet another spare set with the new car, unless there are other alternatives out their…

Still, 2 sets of OZ shortly for sale, anyone interested…

When I bought my OZ wheels for a different car, they did a full range of adapter plates to fix offset issues when I swapped them over. For our race car we on 15*10 we got a local metal shop to make us some on their lathe out of ali billet for 25 quid each. So either option would work and would be cheaper than changing your wheels.

soggster, that wouldnt work im afraid because the you would have to loose an inch to ‘pull’ the wheels in, spacers/adapters only work if you have to ‘push’ the wheels out.


Seems it might work…

Um…that appears to be a 48 shod S2 Exige…on ice!

With SC

Now for sale in the classifieds