OZ Wheels need help !

My OZ wheels (black) have a build up of something on the outer edge inbetween the spokes. It doesnt come off after washing or using that nasty wheel cleaner stuff. Have I or the previous owner driven through something ? Does anyone else have this issue ? The build up is coarse and wont come off and is only on the fronts. Please help !

It will be a build up of brake dust, hence it being most evident on the front. It really needs to be removed every time the car is cleaned but if the whole GJOB thing isn’t your cup of tea then it is sometimes worth giving them coating of something like virosol and then if it still doesn’t come off using a plastic spatula to give it a poke. Carefully that you done don’t damage the powder coating, altough depending on how long the dust has been on there they may already be a bit etched.

Alternatively ask on the SELOC detailing forum and I’m sure you will get better advice

just be a build up of brake dust thats why only the fronts have it as they do more work than the rears. keep trying with the wheel cleaner and elbow grease.you may not remove all of it depends how long its been eating away at your wheels.be careful if using a wheel brush some can scratch your wheels.

evo you beat me to it,least we agree

I used diluted Bilberry cleaner on mine, left it for 10 mins, and the brake dust just brushed of easily. I now use Jetseal on the wheels to stop the dust sticking, makes it easier in the future!