OZ Exige Wheels?

Been offered a set of OZ wheels for me Exige. Did OZ actually make rims in Exige sizes? - seller insists they are off an Exige, long journey if its a pup…

Simon did you see the 135R parked near our Exiges on Saturday?

The OZ’s looked incredible.

I’m only aware of OZ’s for the S2 Elise varients (eg. Sport 190). I’m not sure there’s anything other the std Lotus ones and the Speedlines.

Calling Uldis?


Correct, the OZ are only available for the S2 Elise, as it has a different blt pattern and offset than the S1 and Exige.

And I don’t know about the offsets on the new Exige, suppose same as S2?

Cheers guys, confirmed my thoughts . Hethel yeh, those wheels did look tops on that 135.

The racing green Motorsport Elise used for the original press photos definitely had Oz racing wheels…and they were by far the best wheels… HERE or THESE are different

An interesting point!?! Nice detective work Steve.

Given the earliness of those cars I’d wonder if the offsets, etc stayed the same.

Don’t those pics look fab though!!! The S2 should have looked THAT horny in it’s development!


Cheers Steve, seller reckons they’re off a Racing Exige? - decided to have a dec this w.e.

Check if they’re mags. Too much hard racing and you may want to leave them alone.


Simon, just check that they are precisely:

Front: 7J x 16 ET7
Rear: 8.5J x 17 ET5

If they are, wherever they come from, they’ll be ok.

Thanks Ian/Uldis will look v carefully

Simon - did you go and see these wheels?

Steve, yep went for a look but they were not Exige wheels…