Owning an S1 from New

Would anyone be interested in me writing an account on the 21 years of my ownership of my S1 Exige.

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Go for it. Don’t forget to add photos :ok_hand:

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Having only owned mine for just over 18 years, I feel like a complete novice by comparison :+1:

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Hi every one…
I have been a petrol head since the age of 14… owning many various performance cars through out my time with a licence. In 1999 I imported from Japan a lovely Mitsubishi EVO 6, probably one of the first in the UK. I was heavily into track days at the time, and would be driving the EVO to its max most weekends. The car was amazing, all the technology you needed to become the next rally legend. In fact to much techno…
One day I was driving to work, and this beautiful mini Le Mans car came towards me… WOW…That was it… love at first site… and the Exige S1 affair had started. That evening I looked for local lotus dealerships and found SGTs in Maidenhead. They were a dealership that dealt with many manufactures… including Mitsubishi, which was important as I needed to PX the EVO in against the Lotus. A quick phone call that morning and a test drive was booked. I arrived mid day and introduced myself to one of the sales staff…They checked over the EVO, and took it for a drive. They were very impressed, and a PX value agreed. Now for test drive
of the exige. The demo car was gorgeous… and off we went for jaunt around Maidenhead. The sales lady drove first, them i. I can remember it not being very fast and smelling of petrol… but the noise… and drama of the exige was intoxicating. Back at the dealership I explained I had £30k to spend… and no more… so I ordered a basic exige with no frills. The next day I received a phone call from SGTs… Mr Parham… good news…
we have 5 cars fully loaded in matalic, with AC, sports seats, harnesses, carbon air box, removable steering wheel…for £36k… I promptly said… as I explained…I only have £30k to spend…

To be continued.


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P.s I heard a 1 owner example met with a gravel trap at Brands Hatch last week when my brother in law was also having a bit of fun. Hope it wasn’t yourself. :grimacing:

Looking forward to the next instalment :+1:

Good afternoon. The sales lady said… I fully understand Mr Parham… be in contact soon. An hour later, the phone rang… Mr Parham, its SGT…We will sell you one of the matalic cars with AC, sports seats, harnesses, carbon air box, removable steering wheel… for… £29.999… as long as you buy and register the car by the end of this month…YES thats not a problem, CHROME ORANGE please… and the deal was done. The end of the month was only days away so it wasn’t long before the day came round for my final drive in the EVO, and my eagerly awiated trip to Maidenhead arrived. I can remember it not being a not very nice day… cold and expecting snow… As I arrived at SGTs… I could see my new exige sitting beautifully inside the showroom… the gorgeous metallic paint work glissening under the gantry lights… The paper work completed… a gift of a lotus sport jacket, and some car mats… and the keys were handed to me…Cassis no 494 was mine, and the affair had started… The key inserted, and K8 LOT bursted into life like a grumpy old man.
An easy drive home, and a running in trip was arranged. I am a firm believer of running in a new car, as its not just the engine that need bedding in, its the whole drive train, and the long term benifits are massive.
Me and my freind worked out a trip to Wales and surrounding counties would account for about a 800 miles… and the date was booked. Not revving K8 LOT passed 3500rpm for 3 days I have to say… is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do… but in the bigger picture…a no brainer. The first service was booked a week later… and K8 LOT was ready for the track… To be continued…

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Can’t imagining trying to keep it under 3500rpm. That gives you about 500rpm of usable rev range! :laughing: