Owner's Manual /Fusebox/ Relay Details Needed

Hello,I have just bought a used Elise Mk 1 with a modified 190 hp engine, and it is refusing to start. The ECU is an Emerald 3d model and from the lights, it is working properly. The starter also seems to be ok. I was wondering if any of you could be so kind as to scan in or photocopy the page(s) of the owner’s manual that deals with the fuses and relays. I think one of these is the culprit, but unfortunately, I did not get the owner’s manual with the car. My fax number is +1.650.875.0155.I am in the US, so I can’t really go down to the local dealer either.Many thanks for your help.Sincerely,Faisal.

Did you get a response to your request - if not I will fax relevant pages. Please advise.