Oversteer...lots of it.....

Had S2 Exige for just under one month now, and tried relatively hard in it as had Elises for past 4 years anyway (so used to 'em)…but had Exige oversteering round quite a few roundabout now (not all on purpose) in the dry! I am going faster than did in Elises as car generates more lateral accel, but am a little surprised it is oversteering rather understeering (although it is very progressive and controlable)…have others found this?

Have you checked your tyre pressures?
Dealers seem to overinflate A048’s.

I swear by 22F-22R psi for the road, much less on track (depending on the day. but looking for 23 psi hot all around)

Once warmed up the tyres give amazing grip in the dry, the car will slide but i find its more progressive and controllable, so no problem really. If they are cold hough it can make life more interesting.