Overfilled the Oil - Advice sought!

Morning All,

Seems I’ve managed to over fill the oil after a duff reading. It’s around half the distance between the two markers above the top marker. Given I’m an idiot when it comes to mechanical matters I would rather avoid removing the undertray etc. Some form of syphon via the dipstick tube appears to be the answer. Has anyone done this and can they recommend one?

It’s a twin oil cooler car if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance!

Went with the silverline item from Amazon. Will post how it went!


You can get oil extraction devices from various places to suck the excess oil out

Thanks Andy :slight_smile:

I think we posted at the same time!

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So the Silverline pump arrived, with two tubes, and 10mm and 8mm, of which I figured the 8mm would fit. Wrong! Had to order a 6mm tube (external diameter) and then try and bodge some form of seal between the 8mm and 6mm tube.

First attempt was unsuccessful. But managed a decent enough seal on the second attempt using moldable glue amongst other things. Trouble is the pump will only let you suction a smallish amount before it starts crumpling. Then you have to empty it and start again. It’s not the most fun…

3 attempts and I got there. Woop! Fortunately there was still enough juice in the battery to get going again.

All is well in Lotus land again. For now!

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