Outdoor Exige S2 Cover??

Has anyone managed to purchase an outdoor car cover that is tailoured for the Exige S2? I have found companies that will custom make but just curious if there are any suppliers out there.

Lotus do one…

I have one somewhere

fits snugly and seems reasonably wel put together.


Good news - thanks! Did you purchase online or elsewhere as I can’t recall seeing one on recent searches of Lotus site(s).


I have one made by Specialised car covers. It’s very well made, waterproof in all but torrential rain and remains on in strong wind. It’s very soft on the inside too. I have some pictures of it on the car- let me know if you want them e-mailing.

order it through the dealer…

was about �100 iirc

I have one from specialised car covers and it has been excellent for me.

I bought a cover from the dealer when my S2 was new just over 3 years ago.
Mine lives outside on the drive every day. I thought i’d use it over winter when it leaked but i’ve only used the cover twice.

Not had a drop of water inside and water in the engine bay doesn’t seem to have done any damage.

I bought a snazzy Green / Yellow cover supplied by Sector 111. It’s a snug fit and has eyelets so that a (optional) cable lock can be used. It doesn’t provide any knock protection but is rated as an outdoor cover. See the pic…


It’s a thin material and packs down really small - other thicker material I’ve used in the past have filled the boot!

With the strong pound they’re about �150 + delivery.