Out of hibernation

First dry, sunny day. Late afternoon run out. It’s been four months. What a car! What a sound! Like driving it for the first time all over again. You can’t see it but Blackpool Tower is due south behind the car


Snap, first run for my yellow S1 today, has been off the road for a similar time. Derbyshire roads means it was a slow drive following tourists and locals out in the sun.

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Well done, Keith. Can’t wait for the next one. Might not wear the newly-acquired hearing aids, though as they sharpened up the sound level a bit on this trip!

Taxed and ready for the spring :grinning:


Great stuff, Steve. Not before time! Won’t be able to make LDC on Sunday if you’re heading that
way . . .

I am planning on going on Sunday if weather is ok. We will have to sort a meet in next couple of weeks Steve

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Ill just leave this here with all the enthusiasm about meets : 01 JUN 24 Exiges.com meet - The Motorist - #15 by andybond

Agreed, Steve!