Our new beast

Ex of Brendan, but now she’s all mine wwwha ha ha ha.





At lease you will have a shower attachment to clean her

…but now she’s all mine wwwha ha ha ha.

That’s not what Fiona says about it, matey!

Edit post:

but now she’s half all mine wwwha ha ha ha.

off topic but what camera did you use to take those pictures? absolutely blown away by the quality!

Think it’s a Canon A70. Got it for less than �100 on the net, but no longer made.
Nice clear pics but only a 3x zoom which is poor.
Sold to my father-in-law so we’re after a better one with a big zoom lens for track day photos.

amazing pics mate! Wasnt too sure on yellow, but that looks stunning!

congrates on the car matey, hopefully have one in the next few weeks, fingers crossed