Our Exige does not exist!

I called to book my car for its first MOT.

They said, what is the car?
-Lotus Exige
ah, the new one!
-no, it’s a 2001.
hmmm, my system doesn’t show one, was it an Elise?
-no, look better
nothing, well if it uses the same engine, emissions would be the same
-nope, I know for a fact that the emissions levels were different.
can’t be, that year your car would fall into the more stringent rules.
-no, the levels are slacker.
hmmm, come in on Wednesday, we’ll check it out for you.

Needless to say, I’m going to be there to check they lift it on the proper points and to alter the ECU if it needs to pass emissions.
Ahg, and this was the best I found, at least they do Ferraris and Porsches.

But there you go, our car doesn’t exist! have you picked up any magazine and tried to see the suggested prices for used cars? The Exige is not there, and from now on the Exige name means the new Exige!
We are ghosts, in a ghostly relationship. We won’t let go.

Well, I guess there’s a good side to this, people after a while will see both cars and say: that’s an xige, but… what’s this! Wooowww! is it a plane? is it a bird? is it an experiment?

Hi Uldis
I to used to think that the emission levels were different for the Exige, however I can assure you they are exactly the same for All Elise variants (Rover K series), the only difference being engine rpm for idle and fast idle. The reason I know is that I’ve got a copy of the page out of the VOSA handbook, if your man can’t find the values for the Exige, either tell him they are on page 55 under, Elise type 111 Exige, or what might be better is to tell him to put it through as a kit car, which your car will pass without any tweeking.


Isn’t this also why S1 Exiges have a different classification on the registration certificate?


Hmm, classified as what?

Aren’t all UK S1 Exiges classified as TC11-‘Private/Light Goods Vehicles’ (even if registered after March 2001) at �165pa as they’re over ‘Over 1549cc’, rather than TC48-‘Petrol Car’ with a worst tax band of �160pa, because there’s no emissions bracket set for them?


well i certainly just paid �165 for road tax last week

I never knew there was a �160 price for ‘normal’ cars…

So IDG, what does this actually mean for emissions rules for our cars ?? be handy to know in detail…


Have you had yours thru’ MOT yet ??

Yup, I did it early while I had a week off work.

I think it means we get the most lenient threshold but didn’t ask too many questions.


Oi! I’m the real Uldis, not you!

No, just came back from Teeside.
Have the car booked for Wednesday @ 8:00am so will know then.
Need only to fit the reverse and fog lights. Will have to fit the std ones as I haven’t finished the LED experiment I was doing…

Oi! I’m the real Uldis, not you!

Sorry, missed Rox’s ‘Uldis’.

LOL… yeh but IDG

in the post above i did ask what does all this mean for our cars as far as emmissions goes ??.. mine will be due in January…


How did your MOT go ?

Great! it passed.
I briefed the guy on which were the jacking points, and to call me when he did the emissions, as I could alter everything.
Made him aware that this was no Elise and as such would not find it in the database (in fact, he didn’t find it). Told him that some people used the pre-cat values, others had an updated list, etc.

When I was called to say the car was ready I was a bit curious as to the values they read.
Went to talk to him and he told me:
-It was ok, just a little rich

Good guy! I know where to go next time