Oulton race report

Dont normally do race reports but thought id try to make an effort for once.
We still had parts of the car all over the garage at 1.30 friday night, exhausted, i went to bed at 2 o,clock and back up at 4.30. We finished it at 7 o,clock saturday morning, qualifying was at 9 o,clock and we still had to get there and be scrutineered etc !!
Anyway we made it in time and went out to qualy and quickly realised there was a problem !! it would’nt rev past 4000 rpm i came into the pits and we quickly realised the oxygen sesor had not been put in the new intake system. A schoolboy error from Nigel, luckily Martin Edwards had one in his tool box, he sprinted to the paddock, got it and quickly fitted it, i got out with 4 mins of qualifying left, did a couple of quick laps and managed to get the car on 5th spot on the grid

I was determined to get a good start and as the lights went out i could see a load of commotion at the side of me and saw Gav coming across my path no way of avoiding him and smash !! my new painwork was not so mint anymore, i managed to correct my car and was in second place by the first corner, i concentrated on trying to keep with Walshy and was gaining at one point (honest )
Then as i was coming down hilltop to knickerbrook, probably doing about 130mph ?? went for the brakes and nothing !! stabbed at them again and locked up for about 50yds the master cylinder had gone.
I carried on franticly pumping the brakes to get a pedal, by this time i could see Martin Donnelly behind gaining fast, i was trying to nurse it home thinking this must be the last lap surely, i came onto the straight and then total disaster a rubber vacum pipe had split and came adrift off the inlet manifold, my race was over on the 10th of 11 laps !!
Still had a great time though and know that the car will be competetive, i need to lose some weight off it (806 kg!) and get the suspension set up sorted. Roll on Snetterton


Thanks for the report.

A real brown trouser moment there

The car looked great before the race.

Yeah, your car looked Awesome Chris, I think Snett will be interesting!!!

Car looked mighty quick Chris and I can vouch that you were indeed closing on Walshy. Your car will be well-suited to Snett…should be an interesting race with Randy and Sean back in the mix in Class-C

Pics should be up later today…

~Really sorry again Chris

I had a good start also but Headlam infront of me didnt. As I went to drive around the outside on the left he cut across and I had to go back around the long way to teh right. Unfortuantely the speed difference between us at that point there was not quite enough trcak left to get past and I clipped his rear o/s with my front n/s pinging me across the track into you…

Lesson learnrt = Dont try to defend places off the start when your sat there wheelspinning and not moving…

No worries Gav, luckily it was only superficial anyway, felt gutted for you when i looked at yours in the paddock can you get it sorted ok ?

Yeah, its in the garage now being patched back up the best it can in the time we have before Snett.

New front clams on backorder …

New front n/s light and n/s indicator on their way…

out 0f the 30 or so races I had since doing the MESC it is the first damage I have picked up so just putting it down to the thrills and spills of the hobby I enjoy…


Cool chaps… :thumbs: