Oulton Park Today

Just got back from Oulton Park - a bit wet & windy to say the least

The trackday organiser was Easytrack - well organised & have no issue with them.

Here’s the point/question - is it me or are more & more ‘teams’ using the relatively cheap trackday as a test/shakedown day ?

This is the second trackday at Oulton this year for me & the last one was full of ‘race’ cars on slicks etc which kept spinning off and or dropping fluid everwhere. Session stopped 6 times in the morning alone

The big issue today for me was the Funcup Cars - tipped up on a car transporter - must have been at least 6 - 8 in total. Loads of different drivers of all abilities from the 1st timers to the racers.

These F*** Cup cars were also given preferential treatment in terms of pitlane usage & track access. Sat in the feeder lane for over 10 mins at one point while marshall waved the F** Cup cars onto the circuit

Having thought about it now I will check the trackday organisers attendee’s list before I book/attend the next day at Oulton - fat chance cause all you get is ‘non web booking’ - could be Michael Schumacher or 28,000 F** Cup cars !!!


Not unusual for Easytrack to crap on peeps in the manner you describe re preferential treatment.

The tell tale signs are in the list of attendees “Non web bookings/various drivers”.

Very few on here, attend Easytrack days - far better to use LOT or Bookatrack whenever possible.

The trackday organiser was Easytrack - well organised & have no issue with them.

Doesn’t sound like that from the rest of your post - and deservedly so I’m not having a pop at you.

Hi Steve

See your point - I mean’t the organisational side of the day - booking, signing on etc.

Is suppose it’s down to the organisers on who they let on & the impact this has - so I guess it wasn’t that well organsied after all !!!


I’ve done about 6 book-a-Track days over the last eight months, all good. You get the odd one or two but never on mass. The radical drivers always seem to team up together and play F1 (they wish) which can be annoying but generally good.

The fact that one particular stuck up arrogant tit and his black Radical stalk me whenever I turn up for a Book-a-Track event isn’t your problem…couldn’t believe he turned up in a 6R4 at Donnington…***ks sake!!! he’s really got in coming…sorry sorry!