Oulton Park - Island

I’ve was recently at Oulton Park and an instructor was telling me that Island (the fast left hander before the hairpin) could be taken flat in fourth in an Elise. This is about 100mph and I never got anywhere near it, maybe 85. Has anyone done it in a standard suspension Elise?Has anyone done it in an Exige? Must be close to 110mph?

Jonathan,Was there a few weeks ago with Bookatrack and yes this is correct, I just watched my video footage and was taking that bend with an exit speed of 110MPH over 100MPH mid corner. My car is bog standard - although I did destroy 2 MMC brake discs that day (exploded)Compares with Craner at Donnington & car feels twichty at that speed. Can send MPG of it if you are intrested. Jamesm

i’m interested! [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]thanks

110mph! Doesn’t leave much braking space to the hairpin then! I’d be interested to see the mpeg, I’ll have to start building up speed nex time I’m there. Are you going to post a link on the bookatrack site?Is Craner the left downhill bend before the sharper right hander in the dip that leads up the hill under the bridge (banner) at Donny? If so I’ve done that at about 90 / 95 but it feels a lot easier than Island.

Thats the one craner curves downhill towards hairpin - funnily enough I reckon carner at the same speed is twice as scary as Island!

Craner is a real rock and roll ride in a standard Elise. You really feel the difference in a 340R (or Exige), it’s so much more “planted”.

While I’m at Oulton, what do you do at the off camber bend, I think it’s the one just before the dip and the pit straight. I think I could run round it faster than I drive it!