Oulton December - Bookatrack

Right chaps/chapesses

I’ve just been speaking with Jonny. There is a good chance that Bookatrack can get the circuit on Tues 9th, Weds 10th or Friday 12th. However, we need to know who can commit to attend [color:“red”]ANY[/color] of those dates - depending upon which particular day Jonny can secure.

It would be an open pitlane, & cost �135.

We need a committment for at least 20 cars, before Jonny will do the deal.

So, who is up for it - bearing in mind we will need at least 20 who will pay at the time of booking? Please don’t specify your preferred day - it’s going to be pot luck, & you must be able to attend on any of the dates mentioned.

Count me IN

er … no TVR’s though please

I’m in.

I’ll go.
Do I need snowchains?

Mr Pesky,

We’ll be there whichever date is decided on

Regards Martin & Steve.

Count me in
Friday may be a little more difficult though

I’m up for it - Friday most difficult but if it gets confirmed quickly enough then I can make arrangements. Also the quicker it can be confirmed the better as its near Xmas so the further in advance I get arrangements the more certain I can be of attending.

Mr Pesky,

A friend of ours with a 340R has said he would like to come along if us Exigers don’t mind having an infiltrater in the camp

How many more do we need to get the day?



I don’t know how many others apart from those who have replied above. I’ll have a beeter idea tomorrow when we meet up in Anglesey (are you joining us?).

It’s not an exclusive Exiges (or Lotus) day, so your mate will be very welcome. All we’re trying to do is get a guaranteed definite committment from at least 20 of us & pals, so that Jonny will organise the day.

Hope to see you tomorrow

Mr Pesky,

I’ll let Mr 340R know that he is ok to come along.

As for tomorow, Not sure yet still working on it

Dad’s got the M3 back from the garrage after his arguemant with the badger Are you sitting comfortably?? The repair needed New front splitter/bumper, fan, fan housing, grille, radiator, oil cooler, air con rad, and all the plastic trays under the front of the car. �2500

But worse, last night he test drove an Audi TT (he’s thinking of joining the barbers club). Not a bad car though


Steve, if you come, can you bring those spacers with you for the back wheels?


Have got the spacers done this week, so will bring them if we come. If not e-mail me your new address and we will put them in the post.



Just confirmed Friday 12th December with the circuit. �135 open pit lane. Dont let me down!


Hmmm? Tempted, long way to come, worried about the weather (is there a snow cancellation clause?!), etc. I do rather fancy Oulton though.

Will the eRise be there?


Thanks Jonny

Sorry for belated post - left home yesterday at 1pm & just got back after a brilliant day at Ty Croes (courtesy of LRV).

Please will everyone who has indicated their intention/intends to be there, use http://www.bookatrack.com to confirm their place - thanks.

Jonny has stuck his head above the parapet for us on this one, so please confirm your support asap.

Just a thought - wht don’t we make it the Exiges (Northern) Xmas do, and go out on Friday night for a meal? We could either arrange a B&B or stopovers at our houses. ??

Good idea!

I’m sure that you meant “Exiges.com Xmas do, Oop North, all welcome”

Chinki Beer all round then

Sounds like a plan!

It might be hard to find somewhere to eat so close to Christmas for a meal.

I’ve provisionally booked on BookaTrack.