Oulton - 20th September - Anybody going????

Anyone at Oulton on the 20th??? I’m all signed up and looking forward to it. Never done Oulton before.


Hi Sean,

Pesky and I will be there with TrackSport.

If you pay me enough, I will introduce you to Cellophane Sarah…


Enjoy it - its a great circuit - I’ll be having a fun budget meeting in Holland

Same here, weekday, meeting.
Would like to, but can only do weekend trackdays for the foreseable future.

Hi Russ, will be great to meet you again. I thought you would be there, with the last round of the Mid Engined series coming up.


Nice duck tape!


I’ll see if I can skive off for the day

C’mon peeps - it’s only �169, absolute bargain for an open pitlane day at this fabulous circuit

C’mon peeps - it’s only �169, absolute bargain for an open pitlane day at this fabulous circuit

Should be there there with the Racer, Jon will have the Europa and there maybe a turbo nutter crazy gang coming with us with a V8 Esprit, a 911 Turbo and a proper RS500!

…I’ll be the one on the opposite side op the circuit from that lot whenever possible.

Bloody Hell, doesn’t look like I am going to be able to make it now.

Was really looking forwrd to Oulton as well.


Will see a few of you guys again tomorrow

Not driving myself, but coming along with Andy as a pax in his 996 cup :thumbs:

Nice to catch up with a few of you guys again today and also meet a few new faces being Steve and the dude with the drop dead gorjus yellow europa which was my car of the day, it looked absolutley fabulous out on the track (sorry no camera otherwise I would have taken a piccy).

I must say that it was much better organised from Tracksport’s end with minimal corporate and plenty of space to get a flow going. Put some more days like that together and I will definately come back, just wished I had had my car with me now. Oh well, had great day none the less.



Good to see you & your pals again today. Like you, I wished I’d been out in my car (Nitrons require service), cos it was a bootiful Autumn day, & the track was pretty quiet

Hope you can make it on 8th October - last round of the Mid Engined Series

Certainly was a good day, there always was plenty of room on the track, good to meet both Marc and Gav too.

Heres a little pic of Jons Europa that gets all the attention…hrumpfh


It is indeed a beauty - goes bloody well too, even though it’s powered by a “slightly” tweaked 1.6 Nova engine

PS Thanks to Jon’s mum Mary (& assistants), for a splendid al fresco lunch in the Autumn sunshine

The Europa looks like one of Richard Winter’s conversions

Do you know if it is?


Jon used to work for him, I believe.

Nice duck tape!


How can you see it ??

Should hopefully see you there. Dropping the misssus off in the midlandsa so if I can I will sneak up to Oulton…