Oulton 15 Nov with Easytrack


a bunch of S_E’ers are going to be traveling down for this one.
Open pit lane, all day session in November.

Why don’t ALL of you guys try to make it as well?


I just booked myself onto this. however, i then noted you have 2 PROVISIONAL bookings… last time i was in this situ I went to donington meesell…

Any of the other Scottish contingent up for this.

Also… what about all you locals… i’d like to meet you all again.


I won’t be driving that day, but will come down & see you - hopefully, Russ & JohnO will join us too.

I’m hoping that Bookatrack will be having a day at Oulton in mid December - done it for the last the 2 years as MY Christmas treat.

Fixed that, and paid.
There’s about 14 of the S_E’rs coming down (you try to convince Kerry).

Somebody mentioned if there was any other Oulton day before Nov 15th (yes, it’s a long way).
I called and found out that there is this company called Track Action organizing several:
Oulton Park, Sat, 18th October,
Oulton Park, Sat, 22nd November,
Oulton Park, Sat, 29th November,
Oulton Park, Sat, 6th December,
Oulton Park, Sat, 20th December,

The one on Oct 18th is very tempting: 60 cars max, open pitlane (the other on EasyTrack on Oct 24 was sessions), �175, full day, full circuit.

They still have about 20 places…

Should we?
I’m very tempted on doing also the 18th


See Bookatrack Forum

I’ll keep everyone posted as & when I hear from Jonny.

PS Russ & I have done Trackaction days at Oulton - good events, with plenty of Scoobies & EVOs.

Oulton this Friday with Easytrack 30 cars only
not sure of the cost though

Hi Uldis,

Is Oct 18th at Oulton with Track Action deffinatly open pit? We may look at doing this one

Cheers Steve.

That’s what he said…
Should we do it?

Anybody else?


Track Action’s site is Here