original Exige S1 177bhp ECM wanted

WANTED - Exige S1 177bhp ECM

Anyone got a spare, or one tucked away after an Emerald upgrade?

Thank you Alec.

Good Morning Alec - How are you ? I may have , its an ebay special I know it works . It doesnt have any felt tip on it so guessing it may be untouched. When you say want , do mean borrow or buy ? I work in Basingstoke .(lucky me )

Yours Dave

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your reply. I’m good, hope your also well.
Although I initially just want to try it to confirm my ECM is faulty, I think it best if I purchase it just in case of accidents, assuming it’s up for sale.
Just to confirm that it is the correct one, I have included a picture of the connector on top of my ECM.

Kind regards.

By the lack of response I guess you don’t have the right ECM?

Hi Alec - Many apologies , i had a huge distraction , now resolved and also this site has been messing about with password and I couldn’t respond - so im trying agaiin . thanks for the photo i will check the pins - i have a 190 from my car so it will be an interesting comparison - i would have thought the hardware would have been the same . I am in Horsham sussex this weekend . Please give me a ring and we can make a plan ., As it stands i dont want to sell it - but your more than welcome to borrow for a set time 07526 847978. - yours Dave