Origin Blue 2 (nlc)

Does anyone have the new Origin blue gps satalitie, laser speed trap warning system, if so, any good?
Costco have them on offer next week for �234, which seems a good price, think they retail for about �400.


I have an origin B2. It is the 3rd speed detector I have owned and is really excellent. Its accurate, clear and highly adjustable. Has already saved me from Northamptons specs cameras (I live on the south coast).
Laser unit is essential for the police vans and worth every penny IMHO.

Cheers Simon, looks like an early christmas present to myself then.



Does this deal include the laser detecting unit?

Do you know what length of update subscription it comes with and if it is easy to move between cars?

Ta, Ian

Forgot to mention the offer is in conjunction with the discount book they gave away to members this year, this entitles you to an extra �50 off, however if you don�t have their discount book I’m pretty sure if you�ve got a card with them it should be quite easy to blag the extra �50 off, not sure of the length of update subscription but would imagine 12 months.
The advert says GPS satellite laser warning system, so I assume the laser detector is included. The offer is on from the 10th to 16th, I’ll pop across on Monday to have a look at one and find out what�s included etc.


Halfords are currently selling the Road Angel for �399 which is a typical price but are throwing in free �40+ worth of Autoglym polishing kit in a smart case

Road Angel comes with a separate Laser Detector



Are you saying this means that you can get a B2 for 234-50=184+vat ?? and this will include 12months subscription and the laser detector ??

If this is true then it looks like an unbeatable deal ??

Sorry for the confusion Mike, Price is 234.99 including vat, this also includes the extra �50 discount. Will confirm on monday whats included in the package.


Just back from Costco, seems they’ve had a problem sourcing the Origin blue, however they are supplying an alternative for the same price.
Snooper S6-R, not sure if this is any good or not, however it does come with Laser and Radar detectors, however, I dont think any update subscription is included.


A mate of mine has an origin blue and I am very impressed with it. This snooper looks pretty similar though and at that price it seems almost rude not to buy one. Has anyone on here seen or used one of these, I would be interested to know if they are as good as the origin.

Initially I was more interested in the Snooper as they’ve got a good history in Radar detection and were the most comprehensive, being the only one to do GPS, Laser and Radar.

Although apparently radar isn’t used much any longer and tends to be the thing that gives more false readings (although useful for detecting Gatsos the GPS doesn’t pick-up!). That said, I understand from the manual you can switch the radar off. In fact it’s got a load of different setting, check here - Snooper S6 Manual (PDF)

The first 6 months of GPS database download should be free, then its 5 quid a month or about 50 quid a year.

I agree with Randy, I doubt there’s much in it.


We have a Costco card, we were going to go there (Reading) either Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are interested we’ll collect you on the way. Contact us if you want to go.
PS. The MOT is on Thursday !!!
Simon and Elaine

Cheers Simon but Mrs G & Baby B are going to do an early afternoon scouting trip tomorrow. All going well she’ll pick something good up! I’ll let you know what’s there. The dozy old thing has only gone and lost the voucher though, so hopefully she can blag the extra 50 quid off!

Good luck with the MOT, I hope my Cat does you proud!


ps. How were you two going to pick me up in one your two seater sports cars??! Or were you bringing both?!

Wifey returns sadly without it but my name is down for one at the discounted price in the next few days. They only had a dozen in Reading to start with and there’s about that many again with names down.

It’s a Snooper S6-R with GPS, Laser & Radar. Inc the �50 discount this week it’s �243.73 (inc VAT) - bargin!


Just picked mine up from Costco. It’s a Snooper S6-R Neo with GPS, Laser & Radar. Including the �50 discount it’s �243.73 (inc VAT)! The registration is - first 6 Months free, then �4.95 per month or �99 for two years.
Now to fit in the car but which one?
The speedy Exige?
Or the refined Esprit?
Best I put it in the diesel Citroen as this is the car that all mine speeding offences have been in

What a strange world.

Picked mine up last night. Im yet to fit it in the Exige but Ive tried it out in the Shogun and it seems to work well. For �200 +VAT its a bargain. The only trouble I can see is that it is quite bulky with lots of wires. It’s going to take a while to get it installed neatly and Im a bit reluctant to drill holes in the dash to get cable through. Im intending to fit the radar/laser pickup behind the grill but Im not sure if the grill is going to effect it’s reception, anyone had any exprience of this?