Might be a daft question - but not as daft as some I have seen posted so here go’s

I think my Exige is Chrome Orange. I saw another S1 at Croft (part of no Plate was ‘HOT’) in a much darker orange similar to the S2 (could this be Lava Orange?).

So is my S1 Chrome Orange? I think it is and my mate is not so sure



Your picture looks like Chrome Orange.

The darker shade is Lava, which wasn’tas nice IMHO. Very few S1’s made in Lava.

looks black to me but i do have rose tinted glasses

Chrome Orange=metallic

Lava Orange = Pearlescent. It also appears to drastically change shade in different lighting conditions…I had a factory loan car in this colour for a couple of weeks.

Y38AEX…still out there


Thanks chaps - thought so. It’s defo metallic so Chrome Orange

Check the paint code on the sticker in the front compartment against this then you’ll know for sure.

will do thanks