Orange S1 - x7ege?

On way back from Donny? Passed us (wife was driving) at Tebay on M6 sunday afternoon. Sounded and looked the muts

Twas Andy Dolan, in his Edwards converted Honda car
He had spent Saturday at Donington

Apologies for replying on his behalf, but he is not a “regular” on here

Cheers Rob. Andy wasn’t flying just incase got the wrong impression just wife think saleman said dont go over 70 for first 1000 miles. Steve

New wheels then Steve?


PS Saw that car at the Club Lotus lakes w’end…very nice indeed. It got alot of attention.

New wheels for 'er indoors not me. Tried to convince her S2 exige S was what she wanted but she had fallen for TT.
Any trackdays planned before end of year Tim?

Any trackdays planned before end of year Tim?

Dunno Steve. If there’s a cheap one going I may be interested…apparently I should be saving for a wedding next year


This will be the car your talking about, met him at East fortune, Donnington, & the club lotus run in the lakes

Superb example of a Honda conversion


As for Tim lets start planning for Tim’s ‘Stag Do’

Track day venue of his choice

may i suggest Spa and a stop off at the ring

looks bloody lovely !!!

Now that sounds like a great idea for stag do. Think Diane would approve Tim?

Steve, Phil,

Errr…hadn’t even thought about that one

Are trackdays available in Feb-March

That sounds like a fantastic idea!