Orange S1 Borders - Friday Pm 8th July

Ok own up - fancy seeing another S1, in orange, in the middle of no where on a Friday afternoon!

I think it was on the way up to Bonchester bridge.

How good are those roads???

Hello whoever you are!




That must have been Andy Dolan - we were chatting at Snett and he was similarly amazed at seeing another Orange S1 in the middle of nowhere

So, you go all the way to Le Mans and see no other Nylocers (I was there by the way in the huge Lotus Club France display) and you then head off to the Borders and see another orange Exige.
There’s no accounting for it. You spend hours waiting for an orange Exige then two come along at once. . . .

I took the Elan Sprint to LeMans. Didn’t realise there was a big Lotus area till the last day then could not be arsed to move the car from the campsite to the display area!

Re Scotland - It’s a newsworthy event to see another S1 Exige, even more so if i’m in mine as well - I even saw a silver one in Tescos while I was filling mine with fuel - so thats 2 S1’s on the same day and on a week day.

I wish I had bought a lottery ticket - I might have had a hat trick!!!