Orange Exige at Oulton Park today

I went to the Mike Hawthorn Memorial Trophies Meeting today and spotted a nice bright orange Exige. Is it anybody from on here and if it is did they have a good day?

I did, I think it’s great to see cars that are reaching 60 years old being driven like they’re new.


Didn�t realise Exiges had been out for 60 years

Lol I came out the gym on the a34 bypass in my elise and he was parked there gave me a wave so I pulled up behind him he had a map out so I gave him directions to oulton park. Was a lovely looking car! Had a little play on the bypass before we had to go our own way. number plate was S???HOT

I organised the meeting in my role as Competitions Manager for the VSCC and I was Secretary to the Meeting. Didn’t see any Exiges though, and I had my work car, - in fact I didn’t get out of race control very much! I did manage a ride in the lunchtime parade though.

I hope you had a great day - it all looked pretty busy with people and we did manage to get all 10 races done - but only just - and with no serious incidents and some fine racing. All of the local marshals seemed to think it was marvellous. We had 211 different cars there - all pre-1965 and mostly pre-war and filled some 280 grid slots .

It was a very busy day for all of those running the meeting but it seems to have gone down well with competitors, spectators and venue owners - everybody happy - RESULT!

Oops, should have said it was in the car park

And to 83man, I had a brilliant day, gave me some inspiration to get off my arse and help my dad put his 3-litre Bentley back together. it’s only been off the road for 30 years!!