Open pitlane at Cadwell on April 26th!

Guys, there seems to be an open pit lane day at Cadwell!

Would be good to meet ALL od you there again.
I’m booked!

Hi Uldis. Sounds good - who did you book it with?

Ooops, didn’t say: BookaTrack

What? nobody else up for this one?

Come on, I suppose you know Cadwell is one of the best driver circuits there are…

Hi Uldis, I’d like to do this one aswell and get the Radical to factory for service, new tyres, etc at same time.

It’s causing me problems that the trackday is on a Monday tho as I can’t collect the Radical on a Sunday so would have to drop it in after. I’d have probs at Cadwell if it’s wet, as the tyres are almost bald at the mo.

I’ll keep you posted on my crazy plans.

Sorry but not gonna be able to make Cadwell Uldis.

P.S. SIDC dates are bookable now for Knockhill (29th May and 11th Sept).