Scraped the splitter (at speed) on a ramp today. Bah. It looks cracked and the crack extends to the number plate mount.

Can I get this fixed or do I have to buy a replacement? If fixing is an option, any recommendations? I’m in the East Midlands area. I’m such a f***ing muppet. Argh.

Give John a call mate. The guy at one of the body shops he uses is really good with fibreglass.

I’ve just fixed mine myself, very easy but it is a N/A black one.

Dremmel out the crack a little then…

Isopon P40 on the unseen inside (�7 from halfords)

Then Isopon p38 on the out side to make smooth (�7 from halfords)

then wet sand once dry and hard the complete splitter

Couple of coats of primer then a couple of coats of satin black.

Job done in a weekend for about �20

As they are so vulnerable I was going to try wrapping with the 3M carbon film. Local Mini dealer has used in on one of their demo cars and it looks better than I would have thought. At least you can take it off and do it again after a repair. Anyone tried it?