Ooohhh, upgrades

Interesting day today.

Collected the front splitter from the local body shop. It was battered underneath and holes from previous number plates.
Had it painted black to match the rear diffuser and soon to be side skirts.

Also, this parcel arrived today…

After missing the chance to buy three other sets of these wheels in the last few months, I finally managed to get this set from Jon Seal at a good price. Need a clean up and a small chip repaired.
Can’t believe how light they are, especially compared to the current Y Spokes…

Local garage want £80 to swap my tyre’s over, so I’ll search for somewhere else, as that seems silly money.


Y spoke wheels are off the car ready to be swapped over on Wednesday.

Found this tack in one of the rears, must have been there for 6-7 months.

New tyre or get it removed and repaired?

How much tread is on it?

Lots, the tyres have only done 3,000 road miles, which I why I resent replacing.

There are diy kits that’ll fix that for £10.
In fact some have even done trackdays when fixed

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Cheers, I’ll ask the garage who are swapping the tyres over for a repair.