Oooh I want one

kinda like it!!

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Oh gutted I thought it was a great way to carry a bag of sugar


“The Elise ‘Load Lugga’ is our first move into the lucrative LCV market and certainly lives up to the Lotus philosophy of ‘change the rules’. We like trucking and we like to truck!”


Must be the new 07 range for our friends over the pond!!

Ideal, I’ve never known where to put bags of sugar in the exige.

And here was me about to go get a Volvo V70, but need to check the specs as to which has the larger towing capacity.

The four inch of ground clearance would come in handy, as at long last I could get it into the car park at work.

A Lotus commercial,VAT back and about �bugger all on income tax…put me on the list