One less S1.

Hi guys some of you already know about this but I thought I’d put a post up. Whilst on a recent LDC road trip in Germany on 19th April In their S1 Exige
My Dad (Martin) and Mum (Gill) were involved in an accident. They Aquaplaned on a puddle, on a country lane lost the back, spun it up crossed the carigeway onto the grass then the really bad bit was that there was a 3 foot ditch at the side of the field that the car went into and the flipped it over… 2 times end over end. fortunately landed on its wheels. Dad was ok-ish few cuts and bruises and a bit of shock. Mum not so lucky. 4 broken ribs and 2 fractured vertebra. A couple of nights in intensive care in a german hospital then another week and a half over there to recover to be well enough to travel back. Then the insurance sorted it and flew them home. There both well on the mend and mum should make a full recovery, although it going to take time for her to get fully better. The Exige did an excellent job of keeping them safe with the cage and harness and strength of the chassis tub, but as for the rest of the car it’s all pretty much scrap, and resulting in the insurance company writing it off. We have dedided not to have the wreck back to fix as there is just too much dammage. All 4 corners have damage on the chassis suspension points. And all the body is smashed and the front crash box and rear sub frame are crushed. It’s a sad loss of a once stunning car.
Fortunatly its not put them off and Dads looking into an S3 V6 sport 350 as a replacement.
We are also now looking into selling on some of the S1 Exige spare parts that we have accumulated over the years as there no no longer required so keep an eye on the for sale section.
Cheers Steve.

The pictures were taken once the car was back at the insurance companies storage yard in the UK.

Somehow dont think that will polish out!!!

JEEZ Steve, please pass on my love and best wishes to mom and dad, how unfortunate. I’m just glad to hear they are ok.

FXXX! I am very glad your dad and mum are recovering. That is horrible. So sorry to hear. My best wishes to them.

Good stuff it’s not put them off cars/Loti. It’s certainly in the Edwards blood! I can imagine your mum will need physio. I have had positive experiences with cryo tanks for my vertabrae (3mins at -170 deg).

Warm regards.

My dear Lord!!! - so very sorry see this and in a little shock - thank goodness Martin and Jill are ok (relatively) - God speed for a full recovery to you both…

Stay safe out there everyone …

See you soon both :slight_smile: and thanks Steve for posting…

OMG. Wish everyone a speedy recovery.

Glad they are both okay, that’s the main thing.
Hope their recovery goes well…


I am genuinely glad that the parental unit is ok.

Oh my gosh Steve, my dad just told me about it after a lengthy chat with your dad on the phone the other night, was in shock when he told me, but thank goodness your mum and dad are reasonably ok and hope your mum makes a speedy recover, thoughts and best wishes with them both.

Mark and Ted

So sorry to see this. Please pass on my very best wishes to your parents.

Hope your mum and dad get back to full health soon Steve.

Sad to see the loss of such an amazing Exige but shows how well they can protect its occupants

Thanks for all the kind messages everybody. I will pass them on.

Sorry to hear this Steve, hope your mum recovers quickly. Pass my well wishes on to them for me please.


That really is impressive the Exige protected your parents so well. I hope they both make a full recovery from the accident and continue to enjoy driving Lotus which it sounds like they will!

Dreadful pictures, I wish them both a speedy recovery

Your Dad sounded remarkably upbeat on the phone when I spoke to him. So pleased they are both OK and your Mom is on the mend.

Sorry, I have only just caught up with this. So glad they are on the mend after what sounds like a pretty horrific crash. Best wishes to them both. Hope they find a suitable replacement for that wonderful Exige.