One last trackday 48s were all over the place

My 48s were near to their wear indicators so I figured I would get one last track day on them
Did not quite work out that way. It was dry at least but after a few short sessions I was all over the place.
Had no braking stability and it felt bad under acceleration. Went in and checked tyre pressures and all ok. went back and double checked the rear again as one was deflating as it sat their!
Was able to hoble home, luckly have a brand new set of boots waiting at the dealer

Anyone else found the 48s ok when worn out or pigs?

Nope, what sort of pressures were you running at?

Mind you, if one was punctured that could have done it.

Maybe a wee bit low say rears 23?

Does sound low.

I have run mine at 26 hot on track and have found this to be about perfect.

Low? I run mine at 19 Front, 18 Rear.

That’s cold. It translates to about 24psi hot all around.

Yeah I run 23 front/24-25 rear…

Yeah I run 23 front/24-25 rear…

On the track, or on your way to the salon?