one last hurrah... warranty expires in december

warranty is coming to an end, car has done 10k miles with nothing major going wrong. What has been done under warranty so far:

  • rook squeak/knock
  • stage 2 exhaust weld failure
  • engine compartment lining replaced
  • passenger side front wheel arch liner replaced
  • condensation in front headlamp unit fixed
  • gearstick replaced
  • noise dampening applied everywhere
  • brake warning light flickering on cornering - fixed

question is… what should I get done proactively ahead of the warranty expiring? perhaps there are things that I could ‘encourage’ to become problems if you catch my drift?

  • door locking pins are rattling
  • exhaust is rattling a little
  • A048s are low on the back (haha i wish that was a warranty claim!!!)

all suggestions welcome!!

Curious to know what was involved in the noise dampening - was this to cure rattles etc and what did they actually do?


yes various rattles, taps, squeaks etc.

Basically involved putting sound dampening tape (its like the smoother part of a velco strip) where ever plastic touched plastic, or plastic touched metal.

Very effective. Was done by B&C. I’ll try and take some pics when I get home.