One for Uldis!

Well, what do you think about this? Cyclone V8

Oh boy a V8 Exige

75kg … gotta guess its stupid expensive and no way could you mate a gearbox to suit … well then again its gotta be a short engine and …

Ho hum

10,000rpm, carburetors, 73kg, 300bhp

Might even fit. What a laugh! Bet is sound cool too.


In fact, I had drooled over this for some time.
And now I have the 8 page article in my hands, in the Ocober issue of (Ahem!) CCC (yes, I’m subscribed and by the way, they don’t say anything about that being the last issue).

Anyway, I wish I had a scanner, but I don’t, so let me type some details:

_________Motopower__________Cyclone Power_____Maxsym Radical
_________Firehawk 2.0 V8____Y40R______________2.6L V8
Torque/rpm__180lb/[email protected]___167lb/[email protected]_____193lb/[email protected]
____________104lb/[email protected]___108lb/[email protected]_____N/A
Length___500mm______________460mm____________530mm (900mm)

Check out Motopower and Maxsym

The bad thing is that we’re talking mega-quid here.
�14000 is out of my league

So that’s me with my stock engine, soon to have an Emerald ECU and probably this winter Dave’s headwork and … that’s it! no more.


PS - F*ck the list looks horrible, but it’s a mess to do with this interface, anyway, you get the idea!

trouble with these is that they all are little more than one-off’s at the moment.

they are all currently looking for ‘investors’ and ‘guinipigs’ to finnish the job.

the concept is great, but I suspect the real costs by the time you have finnished will be nearer �20K (ie. sorting out mountings/ancillaries/ECU/induction/Exhaust/drivetrain/etc etc.

But you have to admit, it would sound cooooool!

true enough, if I had a wedge of cash buring a hole in my pocket, I would like to do one, but I don’t!

Rob - have you a full time job? - where/how do you source this info?

This engine would be a boon to the Exige IMHO (understatement):slight_smile:

very very tasty IMO… ouch tho’ on financials…