One for IDG

Watsons Bay today, a bit sunnier !

Hope the trip back was less eventful than us getting to the airport :astonished:

To fill the story in here, I stopped off in Sydney on the way back from New Caledonia and had lunch with AndyD.

I had 5 hours and we left the airport (having checked in) with 4 hours to spare. Trip out to Watson’s Bay, where the fish’n’chips were nothing short of spectactular (it’s where they filmed Finding Nemo). However, it was Friday afternoon and we got stuck in traffic in central Sydney on the way back to the airport; hardly moved in an increasely tense half hour. Then once out of the worst of traffic I had 25mins until my plane boarded, it’s 9km to the airport and an average speed of about 30mph!

Needless to say, with airport security and immigration…I was first on the plane, somehow!

I’d like to finish the tale by saying Andy now leaves 2 hours early, but no. I hear he made the same dash himself only a few days later!

Andy, I’d happily do it all again. You made a 36 hour trip bearable. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

Cheers, Ian :smiley: