One day track insurance

Hello people,
Can anyone suggest a place to get a good quote for a single day track insurance. Admiral’s renewal price was great but track days are a big no no.
How much do you guys pay for a single day?


There is a company (I forget it’s name, anybody?) they insure by value, so you don’t have to take out the entire cost of the car but you’re talking �200+ PER DAY!

The solution = Esteem or Autotorque


COmpetition those are the fellas - got stung for a couple of hundred notes myself - now with Esteem!

Ive just taken out my insurance with CCI, very good rate and you get 4 free trackdays.


Yep - they just quoted me an astounding price, and that’s with the Turbo !!

After the 4 free ones do they sting you for the others?


I forgot the exact price, cos I was so surprised at the low cost…

I think it was around �80 - but I’ll check !!

I’m with directline just now, did an online quote as a new customer and got quoted �605. Phoned up to renew my existing policy and got quoted �970!! Dirty b******s !

a friend of mine had the exact same problem with tescos insurance, got a renewal form through with an exorbitant price, cancelled it, then re-applied online and got it several 100 pounds cheaper as he was again classed as a new customer, he then took out another isurance policy with them but they wanted him to re-send his no claims discount proof back to them even though they all ready had it.