On Track Donnington topen pit rack day

Next Wednesday…open pit lane as well I think.The chap who is running it will prob put up a post about it here later, if not I will ask him to forward his details to anyone who is interested…ChristineEdit to say, sorry about the spelling I was in a rush!!![This message has been edited by Christine (edited 25 July 2002).]

I’m at Donington on Monday with OnTrack (they’re running the EVO day).I believe it is sessioned though.

I’m doing the Evo ones At Silverstone and Donnington (mid August).I’m not sure of the details of the open pit day coming up next week as I can’t get the time off work to go :frowning:. Will find out more on Sunday (when I am going karting…yeay!)Christine

when is it? and how much. haven`t had mine on the track yet so it needs christening.