On todays RaceCarsDirect spotting I have mostly found

This : Racecarsdirect.com - LOTUS EXIGE CUP R

Lotus Exige Cup R, No. 109– Racecar

  • approx. 390hp at 7.200rpm
  • approx. 413Nm at 5.000rpm
  • Weight 08/2022 : 1.004 kgs with fluids and +/- 20 l of petrol, without driver.

Original Colour Carbon Grey – full covering in 2022

  • 3.5l V6 Toyota Engine with Eaton 1320-Supercharger

  • 08/2022:

  • New engine with forged rods and pistons, better valve spring and uprated valves

  • and heat resistant gasket between the supercharger and manifold

  • Driving belt renewed

  • Engine-Oil renewed

  • Mofification of Radiator-Angle for better cooling

  • Xtrac Sequential Gearbox, 6-speed

    • Paddle Shift
    • bigger sized Carbon-Paddles for shifting
    • Alcantara Steering Wheel
    • Snap-Off
  • 08/2022:

  • Reconditioned Gearbox

  • oil radiator for the gearbox renewed

  • Clutch renewed

  • Transmission-Oil renewed

  • FIA 70ltr. Fuel Cell-Tank (expired) incl. Motorsport Fuel-Filler

  • FIA Rain-Light rear

  • FIA Carbon-Wing rear with Gurney-Flap

  • Lotus Cup R Frontsplitter

  • FIA Fire Extinguisher and Battery Switch-Off (internal and external)

  • FIA Driver Race Seat OMP Carbon Prototipo with 6pt-Harness (6.1kgs, expired)

  • FIA Passenger Race Seat Cup R with 4pt-Harness

  • Motorsport Roll-Cage

  • Modified Air Intake (both side scoops)

    • Komo-Tec Carbon-Airbox
  • Komo-Tec KoBra 4-4 Brakediscs 343mm

  • AP 4-Pot-Calipers with PFC Brakepads

  • Front Brakes Cooling-System

  • 08/2022:

  • Brake -Fluid renewed

  • Öhlins Suspension

  • Toelink-Upgrade rear

  • adjustable Rollbar front and rear

  • adjustable Traction-Control

  • 08/2022:

  • New Geometry Alignment-Setting and weight per wheel adjustment

  • Carbon Front Access Panel

  • Carbon Hardtop Roof

  • Carbon Mirror Covers

  • Carbon Engine Cover with Aero-Catch

  • Carbon Door Panels inside

  • Lightweight Forged Wheels Komo-Tec incl. Wheel-Studs

  • Lightweight Bodyclam rear with Quick-Release fixations

  • Vents as cup 380 and Headlamp Blank on the front body

  • Polycarbonate Windscreen with tear off (Lexan)

  • AIM solo DL data logger

  • Camera Smartycam HD

  • Additional LED Lamps front

  • Komotec exhaust 90 mm with valve

  • Spare parts available additionally:

  • Additional standard set of wheels (2 sets, 1 with tropheo R, 1 with rain tyres )

  • Original Front Splitter Cup R

  • Original Front Access Panel

  • Original Glassfibre Body rear

  • Original Air filter

  • Lotus Motorsport Exhaust


I am a little short of the asking at the mo.


And this : https://racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/136257/2018-lotus-exige-cup-430-for-sale

Lotus Exige Cup 430 in Pewter Grey for sale.

This is an incredible car which I will be extremely sad to see go but we are moving house and I need to free up some cash.

This car needs to be seen, I have spent 8 hours cleaning and detailing it today including the engine bay at it looks incredible. It is absolutely stunning and by far the best car that I have ever driven and I have driven quite a few.

The car will come with 18 months Sytner warranty as I brought the car from Sytner 18 months ago and I paid extra for 3 years warranty of which about 18 months still remain and I have checked and it can be transferred to the new owner for a small admin fee which I will pay for.

The car has just been serviced and MOT’d and it went through the MOT without even as much as an advisory as I expected.

All of the belts were changed at Stratton Motor Company last year when it was serviced and MOT’d there and since then it’s had new brake pads all round, new tyres all round and then serviced and MOT’d again last week.


3.5lt Supercharged V6


15,720 miles


Full service history with all stamps in book plus invoices

Vodafone VTS-S5 Tracker with 12 months paid subscription

G.F.Williams wing mirrors

V3 LED Rear lights, PPF on Front bumper, bonnet, front wings, sides and rear arches

Type25 gear knob

Lithium battery and it will come with lithium battery charger

Carbon Fibre sills

OEM Titanium exhaust which sounds truly amazing

Extra USB points


This car hasn’t just been garaged it has been kept in a Carcoon which is in a fully insulated Cartainer and the battery is always left on a trickle charger and the Carcoon is always on 24/7

It has only ever been ran on shell V-power fuel

This car has wanted for nothing.

Any viewing is welcomed and highly recommended but all test drives will done by myself.

It’s certainly not for the faint hearted and gets from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds.

Although I need to free up money for our house move I am in no rush to sell.

I really want this car to go to a loving owner who is really going to appreciate it and take good care of her because that’s what she deserves.

The car is in North Cornwall near Padstow

Phone or email Mitch on 07896071413 or

[email protected]

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his is not a road car and while I have the V5 reg document, it was exported to Holland in 2017 and re-imported by me in 2019, so never got an MOT to re-register. I have all the receipts and much of the history when it was in the UK.

Originally built by Andy Marston in 2014, Thread on SELOC it has been extensively re-worked by me and now boasts a new engine and SQS dog gearbox. This car is a monster weighing in at 830Kg and 500BHP, with little turbo lag due to the new G25-660 turbo.

I have spent in excess of £15K since 2019 on new items, such as engine/ turbo, intercooler, gearbox, Rear wing, water meth injection, heated screen, and numerous rolling roads to get it running beautifully.


Engine TSR Stroker unit fitted in 2020 and due to covid only done around 10 trackdays

AGU Head & Burton Race cams

New R8 coil packs

65mm Throttle body & Grams inlet

Remote oil cooler and filter

Custom Pro-Alloy Intercooler and chargecooler

AEM Water Meth injection

G25-660 turbo

Davies Craig Electric water pump & controller

Emerald ECU with 3 maps 390, 435 & 490 BHP tuned by Hybrid Tune


SQS Dog set built in July 2022 by Pro Race Engineering with flat shift cut programmed, not been on track since then.

New Sachs clutch and bearing

Custom Driveshafts rebuilt for 2022 only 2 trackdays


Elise Parts 315mm discs Pagid RS14 pads and AP 5000+ Calipers. New brakes ducts fitted in 2020 due to brake discs cracking, new discs fitted.

Rears from original fronts with RS14


Exige clams

Elise Parts motorsport rear wing with custom endplates and gurney

Front splitter

Side (ankle cutters) skirts

Full roof scoop and modified engine cover to push air into intercooler

Custom Diffuser

Wheels / Tyres

Nangkang AR1 tyres, with spare new rears

Avon Wets

2 sets Pro Race Alloys


Full roll cage

OMP Removable steering wheel with WMI button press

Dash Pro 2 data logger

Oil pressure, boost pressure and Lambda gauges

Luke 4-point harnesses

2 bucket seats

In car comms


Plumbed-in Fire Extinguisher

New heated windscreen

Fully adjustable & recently serviced Quantum Suspension

Many, many more things and spares to come with this car, it has been maintained regardless of expense. I have hustled this around Snetterton and achieved 150MPH down the Bentley Straight flat shifting, this car is not for the feint hearted.

Trailer not included in price

Cheaper Cup-R!

Racecarsdirect.com - LOTUS EXIGE V6 CUP R

Factory built LHD car

Very competitive car

Fully refreshed Xtrac gearbox and Ohlins TTX both with 2 hours use.

New engine has only covered 10 hours

Bosch Race ABS

Tillett B7 carbon seat

Cosworth dash c/w logger

ATL Quick fill neck

ATL 70L Fuel Cell

Bluetooth wireless quick release steering wheel

Recent PFC front discs

Fresh repaint

Ultra Lightweight wheels + spare set

The car is ready to race in LCE 2023

We can support this car for you at any event including Lotus Cup Europe

Here we go again! Steady Friday so am having a browse …

Racecarsdirect.com - Opel-Lotus Sports Car

Here is @kinetic car listed!

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There cannot be too many of these for sale? Lotus Exige GT3

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Or a 2-11!

Lotus 2-11 260cv / 800kg (weight added for french trackdays)

Only used on trackdays with road tyres (Michelin PS4)

Just serviced (Engine oil + filter + sparks + coils)

Gearbox oil changed driveshafts rebuilt (reinforced KAAZ gear ratio 3 et 4)

new Compressor oil

Marosso oil sump upgraded

Olhins 3 ways shocks

Inox Sport Exhaust

Traction control settable

Intercom Sparco

Probax seats

Rear View cam

Just been painted

Any questions please ask

Racecarsdirect.com - Lotus 2-11 (2 eleven)

Glorious! Pity it’s in Florida

I know some serious logistics companies @Thommo


I need a EuroMillions win first. Can you arrange that?

2nd on the list just behind mine.

Racecarsdirect.com - Lotus Exige GT3 ( Not Elise )

GT3 sortof …

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In this Xmas episode of RACECARSDIRECT …

500bhp and £65k seems a fair deal ;

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Lotus Exige Cup 240.


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I do like a 240 :muscle:

Looks well doesn’t it? I like the motorsports bits such as the isolators. Make it look really purposeful.

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A LHD elise converted to exige with turbo!

Racecarsdirect.com - Lotus Elise/Exige