on line insurance

How many people out there have gone through the pain of filling out an insurance application on line to either complete the application and be told that they won’t insure modified cars or don’t insure Lotus Exige’s or other such comments.Or just simply dont hear back either way.So far I have tried 4 different companies and only had a response back from one that being negative.What’s the point?



I’ve just insured mine with Admiral but only after about 4 weeks of getting quotes.
I found it a total pain too, but the few I had quotes from and may be worth a try are…

Autotorque, Admiral, DirectLine, Tesco and Elephant

They all seemed to vary massively though when mentioning modifications.
Autotorque are probably the best bet.

Good luck

Mine is insured with Elephant (owned by Admiral) - cost me about �1000, and I am 25 with 5 years NCB. The car is standard.

Direct Line and Tesco both gave me reasonable quotes of under �1500