OMG I think we've just had an earth quake!

If it damages the car I won’t be happy.

Sky news now

We had abit of movement in the bedroom last night, but I don’t think it was down to an earthquake

Big in leicester thought some one was shaking the bed made me jump up quick.

Apparently there will be after shocks… Dont park outside, chimney stacks are falling off roofs!

i live about 20 miles from the centre, and it was a doozy. much better than that one from wales.

Hey, another survivor of the quake calling in…Sheep in the field out the back of ours went crazy, the loudest baas on record were what woke me up, hadn’t been asleep long, confused the hell out of me.

Did it wake you?

I sat bolt upright in bed at 1am wondering what was going on.

Pesky was bouncing up and down in a batman outfit.

Picture the scene and try not to throw up your breakfast.

I sat bolt upright in bed

That’s viagra for ya! You looked very pale - loss of blood accounted for