I was wondering how many miles you are covering before requiring an oil change?I’ve run my car with Mobil 1 but it is discolouring quite quickly 1,500-2,000 miles.Is this normal or has anyone found another oil brand to be more suitable to the very high oil temp the Exige runs at.Also is it relatively easy to change the oil and filter yourselve. I know on a k series the filter is at the bottom of the block on the opposite side to the throttle bodies. Does it involve taking 2 parts of the undertray off?

100 Track Day miles will take a far far greater toll on your oil than 100 motorway miles. Pre-upgrade, I changed oil every other track day. YMMV

Perhaps someone else will correct me if i am wrong…but I thought that the Motorsport guys were running their cars on ordinary mineral oil from Carlube - probably something to do with the facts that Carlube are race sponsors and that the oil gets dropped more frequently than a lady of the night’s undergarments!