I am about to change my oil again! anybody got any comments on what is best for mainly track use
I currently use Mobil 1


Lotus Motorsports recommend Casrtol RS 10w 60. Mobil do a Motorsports version of Mobil 1 also.

Personally, I wouldn’t have thought it makes much difference whether you use the Castrol or the Mobil, important thing is to keep it topped up & regularly changed.

Yep, regular changes and level checks, i use Millers Motorsport CFS 10/60 in mine, �28 for 5 litres.

Bell & Colvill use Shell Helix Ultra, which I’ve continued to use. No probs, but about as expensive (especially from them!).


I also use Shell Helix Ultra - but I buy from France - approx. �20 for 4.5 litres from any Carrefour (Mobil 1 is a similar price)

For those in the South Coast you can get an out and back same day on the Eurotunnel - by the time you’ve bought 3 lots of oil and booze and fags (depending on your vices) then you will more than make up for the cost of the trip