I’ve been using Castrol SFX(?) I think. Can’t seem to source it in anything bigger than 1 litre bottles.What are people using?

How about Halfords in Hedge End - or do you want somewhere closer to Fair Oak??

Just checked…4 litre container - �34.991 litre bottle - �11.99Guess Lotus helped them set prices.Containers in stack of oil to right of entrance, Bottles on wall shelves to right of stack.

Now this is madness!!!Just looked at service charge from Haydons - they charged me for 9 No 500mls SLX @ �4.62 and 1 No 1 litre bottle @ �7.98.That means that the 1 litre bottles are �9.38 each incl VAT.So Haydons (a Lotus dealer) are selling their oil on to us cheaper than Halfords…Naaaaaaaa that can’t be right - I must have forgotten to take my pills this morning!

Thanks for the shelf level details!Last time I looked in there I could find any so was going to use something else.Haydons are fantastic - good service and never take the p*** with the costs. They are not an official Lotus Dealer anymore so maybe this has an immediate effect on the price tags.

Haydons now they are not with Lotus do tend to sell parts for our cars at a cheaper price than ‘official’ dealers. They also know how to look after the cars a better than some other dealers which claim to be lotus specialists.

So if Haydons put their prices up, got rid of their customer service dept & sacked their better mechanics - Lotus would let them join their ‘club’.Naaaaa !!!I prefer them as a ‘nearly dealer’.

Yeap. As long as they’ve got the same team there I’ll keep using them. Went to that place down in Chichester to get the recall work done - slow, disinterested and generally new to Lotus was my experience down there.

That place you mentioned in Chichester, they are so new that they won’t be there anymore after June!