Oil Usage - Toyota Engine

Hi All,

If used on track, is it reasonable to expect the N/A Toyota engine to consume oil? If so, how much is “normal”?

Got back from a trackday on Friday, checked the oil level after leaving the car overnight, and found that the level was lower than I was expecting. This may sound stupid but I wasn’t expecting to have to top up the level at all.

Any thoughts/observations welcome



I did 8000 miles in my 07 Exige n/a including quite a few trackdays/evenings and it used no oil at all. Changed oil at 2500 mile intervals to be on safe side, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t appear to use any even after hard use.

07 Exige S, 4 track days, 4800 miles and not a drop of oil used yet - due a change now though.

some of them do use some oil when using the large cam for a lot of time. Top it up and check it when doing track days. Should be fine.

I’m with cin!

In 18k road miles I’ve barely used a drop of oil, but at Donnington the other week it used about 200ml! I’d expect it to drink some oil under hard use so I’m not particularly worried.

I’m running Silkolene ProS 5w40 rather than a thicker (10w50) motorsport oil if that makes a difference?

Thank god you’ve not got a VHPD… mine will frequently quaff a litre on a trackday.

15,000 miles o% oil use so far.