Oil temp and oil pressure

Im Considering fitting an oil pressure and oil temperature to the Exige, similar to what I did on the Europa. I made an 1/8 NPT boss and welded it into the sump for Temp and pressure made a T piece coming off the pressure switch on the back of the engine.

Are there any sutible locations to put the sensors without having to go to these extremes, or fit a sandwich plate off the oil filter. The car has the twin oil coolers if that helps.

Thanks in advance

Sandwich plate on the oil filter is the easiest option.

Oh, and consider getting a SPA Dual Temp/Pressure gauge. You can then mount in one of the air vents instead of a pillar in footwell

I have the SPA , as does [mention]Fonzey[/mention]

I think we both have the sump mod…

Yus sandwich plate is probably the least disruptive, I did the sump option because I was fitting a baffled sump anyway (which you may want to consider if tracking) so it was as convenient to do that.

Another vote for vent mounting, much more usable place IMO than the gauge holders that dangle down from the dash.

I see you have changed your back colour to the orange. I chose green …


I think mine has always been orange! It does flash red though when thresholds are breached, such a good gauge.

I did wonder about just daisy chaining a current of remote t-pieces though, can’t see why that wouldn’t work if not a little messy.

I havent hit my thresholds yet! Been close but never reached …

Mine was green out of the box!

Me neither! Had to set my peak oil temp to 30degrees just to test it worked :mrgreen:

It would be nice to be able to stress test anything that I’ve done over winter some time this year… :crazy:

Thanks for the replys is it the DG201 unit ? What sender units did you use ?

Yes mate. The 201 : https://www.spa-uk.co.uk/Product/Oil%20PressureOil%20Temperature%20Gauge%20(DG201)

I had one of these : https://www.spa-uk.co.uk/Product/Spare%20Temperature%20Sensor%2018%20NPT%20(TSU%20110-FL) as mine was an early unit.

There’s a guy selling one actually on the FB “track time classifieds” group right now, looks like it’s brand new too

Least cheap option but i love mine!
Used the oil pressure switch take off point with a braided hose and T piece.

That looks so cool, shame I can’t run one in the Clio :frowning:

So when it hits a set threshold does the the little red LED flash or the whole display screen changes colour? I am curious how noticable this is compared to installing a lage orange light on the dash top.

You can have either as far as I know, the way I have it set- the backlight itself flashes red (or any colour, could be green/blue/etc). The SPA gauge also has an option to send a signal to an external alarm too -so you could wire it into the stack gauges if you knew the appropriate pin-out so the OEM oil warning light comes on at a custom threshold, or even a buzzer/alarm if you’re that way inclined.

Only issue I find with oil pressure is that after a hot run, if you bring the car back down to idle the car is likely to drop to 1.3-1.5 bar anyway so you can’t set your threshold too high unless you’re happy for the occasional alarm flash at the traffic lights!

Thanks for all the ideas, certainly gave me some ideas :+1: