oil pressure

please can people tell me what oil pressure they see if they have a gauge fitted
as im seeing 60psi at warm idle which seems high and also only see 82 psi max
can anyone tell me the factory stting of the relief valve
thanks in advance

Max = 70psi(5bar) / Min = 50psi(3.5bar)

They were taken on an initial test of the SPA gauges on fast road driving rather than track use. On tickover I think mine actually works its way down to below 40, presumably when the oil gets a bit thinner.


I would say that’s excellent.
Bear in mind that it’s cold out there and the oil gets thicker.
Also, what sort of oil do you have?

5W40 would be appropriate for winter and would give the pressures indicated by Ian. Maybe you have 15W50 in?

cheers for the reply good to know its ok
my evo runs at 20psi on tickover when hot and 105 psi when rev hard
im running 10>60 in the exige which is a little thick for this time of year h

I’m running an S1 Elise with DVA 200+bhp. I recently fitted the temp and pressure gauges from Eliseparts.

When cold, the pressure is around mid 80psi at idle. It takes about 20 minutes to get down to a stable 45psi at idle. When driving hard, it goes to around 90psi.