Oil Pressure

Ok Guy’s after 3monthsof waiting i finally got my car back, didn’t help me much though, ended having to re do so many things myself, i will do adetailed report in a few days when i have a bit more time out of the garage, some choice bits of the “rebuild” are:

  1. Cam timimng was out 26 degrees inlet, 20 Exhaust.
  2. Hub nut on RH driveshaft was loose, driveshaft at through wheel sensor.

Anyway enough of the good times, lets talk about something upsetting

What should i set the oil pressure warning level at and roughly as all guages are different what should i be seeing at warm tickover and max pressure wise.

In PSI cos Bars always seem too low

Mine sits at 68-72 on start up and settles to average 40-45 on tickover at normal 80 degree water / oil temps.

After having a good thrashing with oil temps in the late 120 I see 32-35. ( although sometimes it does seem to stick at 40 or so )

Set my low warning at 35

Oh and mine is a 33K miles never rebuilt just about to explode standard VHPD

Oh and mine is a 33K miles never rebuilt just about to explode standard VHPD

Only another 10k (and rising) to match mine then

Your idle speed is significant in dictating what your hot idel oil pressure is as is oil viscosity and temperature, if your idle is below 1000RPM then expect the OP to dip occasionally when hot to around 20PSI, if its above 1000RPM then 25-30PSI would be a good setting. What you dont want is for it to false alarm since this will accustom you to treat it with less respect. Try it at 20PSI or 25 depending on idel speed and see how often in normal driving it comes on, if it comes on frequently then it means it is set too high. you only really want it to come on at the cusp of a problem.

Adjust it up or down until in normal driving it stays off, then if it comes on at all it indicates a ‘blind panic’ moment.


Thanks guy’s much appreciated.

Wanted to make sure that i was ok at 20 PSI warning, the constant warning at idle does make you start to ignore it. Set it to 20 and no more constant alarms.

Good to know the pressure is in the ball park, taking sensor differences into account, thanks Dave.

I had my SPA set at 20 PSI on my K. Hot idle at 900rpm would give me about 22 PSI.

Just an FYI straight out of the Motorsport Elise specs: the Stack alarm setting for LOW OIL P was 30psi. Let me know your email address if you want all the data and alarm settings. At least the settings can act as a starting point.


Can’t you post the info up here… it would be an excellent reference for us all to see.

Its an excel spreadsheet consisting of 6 worksheets, so where would you like me to post as an attachment? Incidentally, WHY doesn’t this site allow posting of attachments?

ahha… so… i didn’t think it would be so big …ermm

I’d prolly still be interested tho’

Incidentally, WHY doesn’t this site allow posting of attachments?

Just provide a hypertext link to wherever you’re hosting it.