Oil Pressure/temp gauges

OK I have to fit 'em - so anyone done this before ?Seems that the pressure gauge will screw into an adaptor on the oil filter housing - seems easy [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image] thread size - 1/8 NPTF ?. The temperature gauge seesm a little difficult - I’m looking at an adaptor on the oil cooler and running the sensor from that, I guess the pipes are 1/2 Inch bsp ?Any help appreciated - thanksAndrew

AndrewMartin Edwards has fitted gauges to his car. Don’t know how often he reads this bbs, so drop him a line:[email protected]

Cheers Pesky ! - I’ll drop him a line

Geary of Eliseparts.com can supply them. If you don’t mind losing your radio, he can fit the dials in a pod in the radio aperture.

Hi Andrew,Got your mail on my dad address ([email protected]) will E-Mail you with what we did and some pictures soonSteve (Martin’s Son)

SteveYour a gent - thanks very much !

Geary now has a gauge pod that fits to the left hand side of the radio and takes 2 SPA (I think) round gauges (which can be dual gauges) Bri