oil pressure and temp gauges coming soon...

i am in the process of ordering my new oil pressure and temperature gauges from merlin motorsports, but i am not sure which oil pressure gauge to order. 0-7 bar or 0-10 bar.

RemarkLima did you fit the gauges to your car too?

do the guru’s know what pressures the exige k-series runs or should run… cold start pressure is limited by the pressure relief valve but what is this figure?

i am expecting to find the factory oil cooler is not doing its job properly on a hot day on the track, hence the extra info from the gauge. I have read of a piggy back installation of the oil cooler, sitting in front of the water rad to increase the flow of air.
not really had a good look at the pipe lengths but seems longer pipes are needed too… any advice there would be appreciated too.

Hi Mitch,

I’ve got a 10bar gauge, at the end of the day I just want to see the needle in the same place

But I’ve been a bit busy with the lady, and work to get much done, also had a mahussive tax bill so I’m a bit skint so missing out on a few trackdays and thought I’d just enjoy the car over the summer until I get some time

I think SeanB done the bigger oil cooler rad but replaced the factory one so could use the same hoses as they justhave to go up rather than down IYSWIM!

thanks Remarklima, to be on the safe side i will go for the 10 bar version, and whilst i wait for the parts i need to come up with a cunning factory looking instrument housing… now where’s that cornflakes box…

Hi Mitch,

I was thinking of getting a bit made to the right of the steering wheel made up but this is taking a bit too long so I’m probably just going to get: http://secure.eliseparts.com/en-gb/p_136.html as it’s already to go

This weekend may be a rear clam off and wire everything up, PRRT etc…