Oil overfilled/ update!

Just to keep you all informed, I had an e-mail direct from Lotus cars saying they had read my story on the Lotus enthusiasts bbs and were very concerned with the content, they asked me to call customer services so as an engineer could talk direct with me, so I did, they told me that they would have prefered it if I had phoned them and not made a mention on this website as that is what they are there for (advice etc.) I was also told an engineer would phone me on Thursday, guess what, NOBODY HAS PHONED!! it does make me wonder whether once they have your money they don’t give a damn. As for the dealership I have to arrange a meeting with the principal at my earliest convenience, so at least they seem concerned.
Problem I have now is that a week has passed and I have now covered over 1500 miles and the car has still not been serviced correctly. I will keep you all posted.

Will you be naming and shaming now Steve ?

I know Lotus have to protect there dealerships to some extent but rank incompetance should not be protected !!

OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Next they’ll be asking us not for talk about our cars to mates in the pub! Were Lotus available for calls when you got the car home??! As you posted at gone 8pm I somehow doubt it.

If we hadn’t encouraged you to do it yourself your engine could have been destroyed costing them loads!


Call me cynical buts its very strange that Hyla has not been back on after “promoting” the S2 Exige for Lotus


He’s a very nice chap that made friends with a few of us at Anglesey. I doubt he was over doing Lotus’ bidding too much. Probably too busy flying helicopters about (not his own, he hasn’t had the driving breaks required for that yet).


I think we asked too many questions ( where we already knew the answers ).

The oil cooler “missing” was the nail in coffin for me …

mmmmm… i reckon Lotus owe us a favour for saving a 135R engine from spitting Castrol RS all over the highway…

Rox, I agree with you, if it was not for the concerns everyone showed I may have not done the job myself as I was a little concerned over the warranty issue, but as we all do I love my car and just could not see me driving it back to STORM at Leicester without investigating the problem myself, and as you say I feel we may have saved Lotus a very expensive warranty claim.
I have to say though I have covered another 200+ miles and so far the car has run as sweet as ever, although I am very concious of the fact I still have not had fresh oil!! Ive even considered doing the oil/filter myself and then claiming the cost back from Lotus once we agree some kind of deal / extra warranty etc.
I really don’t want Lotus to think I am knocking there cars because I am not, this is the 3rd Lotus I have owned after having a S1 elise, S1 exige, and now the 135R, I just think they should look after us customers that do love there cars, after all without us there would be no Lotus.
Also would like to thank all of you for your advice and support.


get your car back to the dealer and get them to do an oil & filter change while you wait… you know its safe to drive and you also know there is a mixture of old/new oil in there… even if the old stuff has only done 1700miles… go get it changed…

Just to keep you all informed, I had a meeting at the dealership yesterday with the dealership principal, the sevice manager, and the technical engineer from Lotus. When I recieve all the letters and paperwork that we agreed I will make a full statement.